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MBX is the longest running, insured and permitted Surf Camp in the Hamptons.

At MBX our focus is adventure, stoke, surfing, and water safety. Each camper receives focused attention, in small groups, and all lessons are taught by certified instructors and professionals.


Our mission is to create confident young surfers. MBX camp runs in five day, week long sessions and is from 9:00AM-12:00PM in July and August. Campers should be confident swimmers, but no previous surfing experience is required. -Just the willingness to get their feet wet!

Follow us on Instagram @Mainbeachsurfcamp and check us out on Youtube.


9:00am Drop Off

9:15am Stretching, Balance Boarding, Wave Forecasting

9:30am Ocean Safety Review

9:45am Surfs Up!

12:00pm Pick Up


MBX Surf Camp is fully insured and permitted.

Coaches are avid watermen and are first aid and CPR certified.

Coaches while in the water are paired with campers at 1:2 ratio, on days that the waves are bigger the ratio becomes 1:1.

MBX coaches are committed to safety, learning, and fun


Here at Mbx campers are broken up into teams according to they’re skill level. The Green Team, the Blue Team, and the Black Team. Campers will work with they’re same team coaches each day allowing the coach to track and improve they’re students progress.

The Green team consists of first time surfers and beginners.

The Blue team consists of our intermediate surfers who are starting to paddle in and catch they’re own waves.

The Black team is a group our most advanced young surfers. They are catching all they’re own waves and starting to work on more aggressive maneuvers. This team is also starting to compete in local and regional surf contests. Campers can and very often graduate to a new team during the week.

At the end of week each camper is given a hand written evaluation from they’re coach showing which maneuvers they have completed and which they need to improve on. We find this helps them focus on what they can do to become a better surfer.


Don’t forget to bring!

Wetsuit 3/2

Flip Flops

Board Shorts


Water Bottle




Don’t forget we invite all parents down to the beach each Friday for our weekly surf competition. Ask a coach in the morning for locations and times.


This gets our campers ready to compete in local and regional surf competitions like the ESA-NY (Eastern Surfing Association) if they like. Heats are created with in each team (Green, Blue, Black), they are timed and judged. Best two waves on a scale from 1-5 gets a total score at the end of the heat, top 3 winners are announced and awards are given.

Its a lot of fun!


MBX Logo Text Only.jpg


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Ashley Mangels

Director & Head Coach

Ashley grew up on the North Fork of Long Island but has been surfing from Montauk to Manhattan throughout his life. He usually spends his winters in California coaching the Mammoth Mountain Snowboard Team and then returns to MbX in the spring to get ready for camp and to train with the new contest focused MBX Team. He started the Mbx Team to introduce advanced campers to competition surfing and now trains with them all year round.

Willy Conzelman

Although Willy now goes to boarding school in the Western part of Massachusetts, that has not stopped him from hitting the surf as often as he can and of course, everyday in the summer. Willy has explored much of Central and South America on surf trips and has seen all kinds of waves. If you spend time at any East Hampton beaches, chances are that you have seen Willy. He is a fly fisherman and loves everything about the outdoors and the ocean. He is eager to get on the water with the kids soon!

Wily Conzelman.jpg
Duncan Briggs.jpg

Duncan Briggs

Aside from being an avid surfer most of his life, Duncan is a middle school teacher with 5 years of experience working in independent schools.


Growing up in Maine, Duncan was hardened by the year-round cold water surf scene, where water temps rarely get above 60 degrees and shorty wetsuits don’t exist. You’ll never hear him complain about water temps in Long Island. 

Nicky Conzelman

Nicky is 21 years old and loves everything about surfing and the ocean! In addition to surfing, Nicky enjoys meditation, yoga and fly fishing. He currently attends Hamilton College in upstate New York.

Nicky has found his home on the amazing breaks of the East End and can’t wait to spend time sharing his love of surfing in these incredible places this summer!

Nicky Conzelman.png
Wade Lahram.jpg

Wade Lahram

Wade is 21 years old and is born and raised in Sag Harbor. He enjoys all outdoor activities from Hiking, Biking, Skating, and Surfing. Surfing is what he is most passionate about and he loves introducing newcomers to the sport.

He has been teaching surfing for about 4 years now and he enjoys everything about it. Working with kids and seeing them smile and having a good time puts a smile on his face.

Orrin Frazier

Orrin is a Montauk native and has been surfing and skating since he was 8 years old. He was a junior life guard for 4 years in his younger days and now attends Wesleyan university for mathematics and philosophy. Orrin has been working with Mbx for a few years now and is currently the lead coach of the “Black Team” (advanced team). Orrin enjoys working with beginner and advanced surfers and can’t wait for camp this summer!

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